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It’s well known around these parts that the lifestyle you’ll find in North Dallas is typically of the more affluent variety. North Dallas has some of the highest home values and steepest apartment rental prices of anywhere else in the whole region, and for very good reason.

The area that encompasses North Dallas features a wide and diverse variety of the most desirable employment opportunities in government, law, finance, and corporate business. It also features more of the exceptionally appealing entertainment destinations, event venues, and upscale quality of life amenities of anywhere else in the Dalls Ft. Worth Metroplex.

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Part of the allure of the affluent lifestyle common the area of North Dallas are the exclusive neighborhoods known for the their luxurious quality of life. The historic neighborhood of University Park is widely considered nationwide to be one of the most steeped in the accoutrements of luxury of any neighborhood in the county, as well as being home to the prestigious Southern Methodist University.

For those looking for an upscale shop-until-you-drop experience, malls and shopping centers abound. Located near the aforementioned Southern Methodist University, Snider Plaza provides a veritable plethora of diverse fine dining to appeal to every palate, and many well-known and unique boutique shops. It also occasionally plays host to interesting events, such as dog breeding competitions and live music.

For an even more exclusive array of luxe shops and dining, head to The Plaza at Preston Center. Home to the popular Carlo’s Bakery and the delectable confectionary shop Sprinkles, as well as the main draw of over a dozen of the most desirable upscale boutique shops in the city, it’s an easy choice for the discerning shopper looking to make an afternoon out of a luxurious shopping therapy experience.

Another part of the appealing character of North Dallas are the high cultural venues of various museums, performance centers, studios and art galleries. Visit The Meadows Museum, a smaller but charming museum that features a permanent collection of some of the great representations of 15th to 20th-century art from Spain, as well as a diverse range of unique special exhibitions and a comfortable, well kempt sculpture garden.

There is also the impressive George W. Bush Presidential Center, which is home to both the George W. Bush Library and Museum, and the George W. Bush Institute. The Library and Museum features both permanent and special exhibits, a precise replica of the Oval Office, beams from the World Trade Center twisted from the events of 9/11, a Texas Rose Garden, and a number of interactive exhibits. The adjoining Bush Center is set in among a 15-acre Texas prairie teeming with native grasses and strikingly beautiful wildflowers. Visitors can also dine in the elegant Cafe 43.

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